What to Expect From your Photographer


   I love photography and capturing the best moments of your child and family together. My main goal is to just allow your child to have fun and photograph natural moments which are the most beautiful pictures.Expect a fun session with lots of laughs and tons of props. I love to have babies or children play with props so they enjoy their experience. I also love to use natural lighting. I believe that the natural sunlight can create beautiful images. I will ask you what your child loves or memorable places you have to create a unique photoshoot for each session.




Locations to shoot

Anywhere and everywhere that we are allowed to shoot. I love to incorporate what you love to do with your child and places you hang out together. So bringing your personalities together can make the shoot even more fun. I have a list of locations we can shoot that I can email you. I do home sessions for newborns where I come to your house with a bean bag and small props


Newborn Sessions

When is the best time to book your newborn session with me? When you are pregnant! I will put your due date on my schedule and anticipate your little ones arrival right along with you.  That way I have an expectation of when your baby is due and can schedule accordingly around your due date. Of course, if you've waited to call me-that's fine too! Just try to call me right before or right after you have the baby so I can get you in.  I never turn a newborn baby down!


Newborns are best photographed within the first two weeks of life. I prefer to photograph them within the first 3-15 days because after that time newborns tend to lose their behavior from the womb and they are harder to pose and get to sleep.  After two weeks babies develop baby acne and have longer awake periods. I welcome props such as heirloom outfits, blankets or a special toy to make the portrait as meaningful as posssible.




Other Sessions

Locations are limitless! We can meet at my home studio, your home, a park, a lake, or an outdoor setting of your choice. I prefer natural light photography outdoors, but will be happy to accommodate studio portraits in my home studio or your home in a well lit room.   I can suggest locations or I am always open to new locations and suggestions.  A few examples of ideal locations include: open fields of grass, lake/water settings,  old barns, old buildings, parks or any other beautiful place you can imagine.


What to Wear:


Newborn Sessions

You will have full reign of my prop collection for your newborn portraits. I have hats, blankets and many props available that I offer to all my clients. If you have seen it on my website...than it is most likely in my collection and available for all sessions.  I always have new accessories too and try to use something new that I haven't used in other sessions in each newborn session. Please make sure to make all special requests prior to your session so I can pull out the items requested before your session.


Maternity Sessions
We recommend wearing pre pregnancy clothing or tighter fitting maternity clothing to show off your beautiful curves during this memorable time.  Bring Jeans or Capri pants with a snug fit.  We will not button or zip them, we will have them folded down. We also recommend bringing modern, trendy, lacy, cute tops such as camisoles, tanks, tees, sweaters, etc. to your session. Long flowing skirts that fit under the belly are a nice alternative to jeans.  If you have any beautiful scarves or wraps, please bring those with you as well.  We want to make this experience unique to you during this very precious time. 


Family Session
Whatever you want!  I know, that's not helpful, but the truth is that your clothing choice depends on what you're envisioning for your photos.  If you want relaxed photos, come in your favorite everyday outfit.  More formal?  Go for a new dress or coordinating outfits.  Whatever you choose, make sure it's something you love wearing!  When coordinating your outfits, I recommend not all wearing the same thing, but instead choosing like colors and mixing it up.
◾Look around your house at where you would like to hang the photos, like your living room, and match the colors of your outfits to your decorations so that your photos will coordinate with your house. 
◾When in doubt, neutral colors and earth tones always photograph well. 


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